Monday, November 5, 2012

Workout Plan

From here on out, I plan to post my workout schedule on Sundays.  Having it planned out will help me stick to a workout and hold myself accountable. Getting started is 90% of the battle for me and having it laid out for me will hopefully motivate me to get it done.  I really am pretty good about getting my workouts in but in the past I have done whatever sounded good that day.  I want to stick to a loose training plan and hopefully this does the trick.

Monday: Elliptical, 30 minutes - done (along with 100 jumping jacks, 50 mountain climbers and 20  crunches)

Tuesday: 3 mile run - done (3.06 miles)

Wednesday: 2.5 mile run - done (3.25 miles)

Thursday: Elliptical - unfortunately this didn't happen - impromptu hockey parent meeting during my workout time

Friday: 2.5 mile run - done (3.5 miles)

Saturday: 3.5 mile run

Sunday: Rest day/walk the dog for a little activity

Do you follow a training plan?  How do you motivate yourself?

And now for some inspiration and motivation....






  1. I follow a plan too. I posted it a few weeks ago and update periodically. I find I need to tweak it as I get more fit.

    1. Do you have a blog I can follow? I can't seem to get to it through your profile. Thanks!

      I plan to tweak mine as things go also. I am hoping to increase my mileage as time goes.