Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I started a weight loss journey months ago but was not too successful.  When I decided to embark on a journey to healthy life instead of just focusing on the weight loss part, things became a lot easier for me.  I definitely want to lose the old l.b.'s, but that is not all.  I want to be healthy. 

Part of this journey has been building up my willpower.  That has probably been the hardest part for me.  I get my workouts in without too much trouble.  Sure there are days that I don't feel like it but somehow I find the motivation and they get done.  Willpower is a whole other story. When I first began this journey, I removed all of the "junk" food from our house.  I figured out of sight, out of mind was the way to go.  It really did help me but was that fair to my family?  Of course I want my family to be healthy also but having a treat every now and then is something they should be able to do.  I had to get over it.  Depriving them was not the answer. 

So now I buy treats in moderation and they are so much happier.  Can I say that I never have a treat?  Absolutely not.  I would be miserable. But it is all about willpower.  I I really want it that bad?  Am I really hungry right now?  And have I earned that treat? And then I savor every delicious morsel and log it in My Fitness Pal.  It works.

How is your willpower?  What do you do to overcome the temptations?  Do you deprive your family too?

And now I will savor one of these.....


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  1. I don't feel I deprive my family. Luckily I don't like the same treats they do. Go figure that Tootsie Pops aren't high on my list LOL