Monday, February 11, 2013

Didn't See That One Coming

Exactly 2 weeks ago today I was hit like a ton of bricks with a sickness.  I was exhausted, had a fever and a cough.  I stayed home from work for a day and felt better besides my cough.  Once I went back to work I felt good but when I got home at night I was exhausted and the fever would come back. This went on all week that first week.  By the end of the first weekend I thought I was good.  Last Tuesday rolled around and it was like I was back at square one.  I would come home at night, eat a little something and fall asleep in the recliner.  I am hoping that I am at the tail end of it right now.  I still am a little congested and have a terribly nagging cough but feel good otherwise.  The exhaustion seems to be gone.  I did make a trip to the doc the middle of last week but of course he said it was just a virus and all you can do is rest.  Womp womp.  I was hoping for more answers and maybe some antibiotics.  With that doctor visit and all of the different medicines and cough drops I have tried, this sickness has cost me a few hundred big ones.  Can't wait to be over it.

In the last 2 weeks I have gotten in exactly 2 runs.  It has been driving me crazy!  I can definitely tell that I have become a workout junkie.  Which is a good thing I guess.  I did do some weight training in those 2 weeks but when I tried to do some cardio, I wold have a coughing attack and had to stop.  Today I did a very short run to test the waters. I got in about 2.75 miles.  It went okay but my lungs did hurt a little.  Such a strange feeling.  Hopefully I can work my mileage back up.

Now that I am back at it I am hoping to get some new things posted for you here.  I would like to start sharing some meal ideas with you.

Hope all is well with all of you!