Friday, November 16, 2012

Run Like You've Never Run Before

I have never been very athletic.  Sure I played some organized sports growing up but not a lot and I was never very good.  I was one of those girls that walked the mile because I was sure as heck not going to run it.  And when I did try to run, I felt like fire was going through my lungs.

I decided a couple of years ago to try the Couch to 5k plan.  I stuck with it for a while but to be honest, I half assed it most of the time and I never finished.  I came to the conclusion that running was not for me.  But I continued reading the blogs that I had always read and most of them are either food blogs or running blogs.  If you read about running every day, it makes you want to run.  A little over a year ago I decided to sign up for a 5k and I was going to run it no matter what.  The race I signed up for happened to be our town's Turkey Trot.  It was a fun run so it was not chip timed and no results were posted online but there was a clock at the end so I did know my time.  I finished in 31:15.  The fact that I actually finished was enough for me but I was really proud of my time.  For a few weeks after, I didn't run at all.  Then I decided to run here and there on the treadmill over the winter. Nothing too crazy. 

Summer came and I thought....I am signing up for the 5k that happens on the weekend of our town celebration which was in August.  So I ran.  I soon learned that I enjoyed running outside much more than inside and I could go further in my training runs because I wasn't so bored staring at the clock on the dreadmill. Tristen, my 10 year old son, decided he wanted to run with me too.  He is not a runner but is a very athletic kid.  A couple of weeks before the race I told him that he better start running with me to see what it is going to be like and to get some miles under his belt.  I believe he ran with me 3 times and never over 2 miles.  Each time we stopped to walk half a dozen times at his request.  Race day was upon us and I told him to push through it as much as he could and to let me know when he needed to stop.  We stayed at a nice, easy pace and to my surprise, he ran the entire thing.  We finished in 31:20.  I was such a proud mom!  As we talked about the race, he said that he could have gone faster but thought he better stick with me.  Drats!  I could have gone faster too but was trying to pace him.  Oh well! Next time!

My next race was in October.  I continued to train but I didn't push myself too hard. Most of my runs were around 2.5 miles with the occasional 3 mile run here and there.  That one I finished in 30:10.  After I saw my time, I wished I had pushed myself just a tad bit hard to get under the 30 mark. time!  Shortly after this race, I signed up for a 7k.  This race is happening in March.  I have a lot of time but it has been on my mind and I wanted to prove to myself that I could run that far in hopes of easing my mind a little.  I decided to start increasing my mileage.  I had a 3.35 mile run about a month ago but then went back in to my comfort zone of 2.5 - 3 mile runs.

Well things have changed.  Last week I decided to increase my mileage again and I am so excited to show you what I have done. Now I have to warn you, I am not fast.  But the mileage is what is exciting to me right now. I will work on speed next.


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