Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekly Workouts #5

Week 5 of half training was a good one.  I am always nervous going into my long runs even though I have felt great after every one of them.  It just helps me prove to myself that I can do this!

Monday, 9/30: 20 minute bike ride = 6.25 miles

Tuesday, 10/1: 3 mile run
                        100- 20 lb. kettle bell swings (I felt this for days!)

Wednesday, 10/2: 4 mile run
                             abs and legs

Thursday, 10/3: 3 mile run
                          chest and arms

Friday, 10/4: rest

Saturday, 10/5: 8 mile run - I felt so great! It was a bit of a chilly start but I warmed up fast.  I chose a completely different route this time and it flew by.  My average pace (8:26) was quite a bit faster than my previous long runs.
                          40 minute treadmill walk w/ a friend - I believe it was about 2.7 miles

Sunday, 10/6: rest

My training plan calls for a 5k race this next weekend in place of a long run.  There is one here locally that I was all ready to register for but my son's football playoff schedule came out and it's not going to work out.  Looks like I will just hold a race of my own! :)

I did register for a Halloween fun run and have a 10k on my radar that would fit in perfectly with my training schedule.  I just need to work out the logistics.  I have not had any lucky finding a half marathon.  Race season is coming to an end here.  There is a half in 2 weeks (the same place as the 10k would be) but I'm not sure I want to push it and participate in that one.  Otherwise I am looking at spring. Not sure what to do.  Do I just finish my training and run a half on my own to prove to myself I can do it and train for one again in the spring?  I know I should have planned this out better but I decided to do this on a whim.

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