Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekly Workouts #3

Half training has been great for me so far.  I am really enjoying the longer runs on the weekend.  The weather here is beautiful this time of year and perfect for a long morning run.

I am putting the Bikini Body Mommy challenge on hold because I was struggling to keep up with it all.  I definitely plan to start it again after half training though.

Monday, 9/16: weights (arms and abs)

Tuesday, 9/17: 4 mile run

Wednesday, 9/18: 4 mile run

Thursday, 9/19: 3 mile run

Friday, 9/20: rest

Saturday, 9/21: rest - I went outlet shopping all day so I got plenty of walking in :)

Sunday, 9/22: 6 mile run

All of my runs have felt great.  I was a little concerned that my tendonitis would rear its ugly head again but so far so good.  I have been stretching really well after all of my runs and making sure to take my rest days. 

My long runs have included some pretty good hills which is something different for me.  I am used to running on pretty flat roads so I wanted to add in these hills to challenge myself.  They are getting easier every time.

Watch for a post on my favorite workout gear coming soon!


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