Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Peroneal Tendonitis

Last Friday I went and saw the podiatrist for my foot pain.  After I explained what was happening and he examined my foot,  he came to the conclusion that I had peroneal tendonitis.  According to the doctor, the cause of this is unknown but it is common in athletes. 

He taped my foot really well and instructed me to leave it on for 72 hours.  Start taking Aleve or Ibuprofen 3 times a day to reduce inflammation and after removing the tape, ice for 20 minutes daily.

 Monday morning I removed the tape and my foot felt great.  He told me that I could try running at any time but to stop if I had any pain and to ease back into it.  Monday afternoon I ran a mile.  It felt great.  Tuesday I went and got fitted for new shoes since my current ones were reaching their mileage limit and I wanted to eliminate anything that may be causing the issue.

This afternoon I went for a run and stopped at a little over 2 miles but felt great.  Hopefully things have cleared up.  I am still taking the Aleve per doctor's orders and have been icing for at least 20 minutes a day.  Today I iced right after my run and will ice again this evening.

I can't say enough good things about Runners Gate.  If you are from the Twin Cities area, I highly recommend you check them out.  They were so helpful and did not rush me in any way. I spend an hour trying on different shoes and running on their treadmill.  And when I realized my keys and cell phone were locked in my car, they let me use their phone to call my insurance company and allowed me to hang out in the store while waiting for the company to come unlock my doors.  Oops! 

I got some new snack bars today......

I can't wait to try them out!  I have heard such great things about them. Definitely going to break into them for my afternoon snack.

And now I leave you with a picture of me with a couple of nasty cold sores :(

Baseball season has started for my boy so even though we had 6" of snow a couple of days ago we are off to a tournament this weekend.  Forecast says 70° and sunny!  Sure hope they are right!


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  1. That's great that your foot is feeling better! I'm always so worried I'm going to hurt myself (and then I fall doing something stupid!). It's almost time for me to get new shoes too. I'm tempted to just look for the same ones I have online.